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Mega technology waves are impacting and shaping organizations and industries in a profound way.

X-Art LLC team can help you ride these waves by defining and executing a technology agenda that supports Your business strategy and harnesses the power of technology innovation, while squeezing value out of your legacy environments, to drive high performance.

We combine our end-to-end portfolio of technology services - from strategy and architecture to security and infrastructure -with a proven, outcome-oriented approach to improve the design, efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ IT capabilities.



Unisplit series air conditioners are designed for small server rooms and separate telecomunication blocks.


All models are built
- internal block (U * A / U * F), which is introduced into the ventilated area;
- external block (MRA), which is mounted on the outside.


The internal unit can be installed on the ceiling or wall hanging.
All work processes are regulated by a management microprocessor block.


Schneider Electric


     * * *

X-Art is a supplier of the APC Uninterruptible Power Supplies Batteries of CSB company with warranty service.

CSB Battery Co., Ltd. company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of certified acidic acid batteries (VRLA) of ISO9001 and 14001 standards. Its batteries are widely used in uninterruptible power supplies from APC and other well-known companies.

Technical features:
1. Term of service 5 years for GP series, 12 years for XTV series,
2. No additional service required,
3. Number of cycles: 260 times, 100% charge.

CSB Battery Co., Ltd.



     * * *


Monitoring оф ATMs and Payment Terminals

1. Control of banknote receiver temperature
2. Internal temperature monitoring of payment terminal
3. Remote control restoration of modem or router
4. Notification of Electrical Power Outage
5. Monitoring the opening of ATM doors and notification of duty officer
6. A flood alarm signal


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The best guarantee for success is the right partners.
HP Hewlett-Packard
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Ajax Systems
APC by Schneider Electric
Ruckus Wireless
Building Group Jansen