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Network Solutions

X-Art LLC is a large distributor and installer of hardware and software produced by leading international suppliers for Data Centers (DC), server rooms, and other critical facilities.

The company is analyze newest developments of world's known producers in the field of power supply, automation, dispatching, monitoring, server hardware, conditioning systems, choose most efficient ones, and make these affordable to You.

Depending on the needs and means of the customer, X-Art select an optimal solution from all line-ups of the world’s leading manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies, precision conditioners, diesel generators, and server hardware. The multibrand policy gives flexibility expanding our capacities, price range, and reducing delivery time of the ordered products.

X-Art offers system integration services in Armenia, consulting and software design in the field of furnishing Data Centers (DC), server rooms, and other critical facilities. 

X-ART offers two class solutions

Nexans 1. Premium class - based on the products of European Nexans S.A. company.

Hyperline  2. Business class - based on the products of Canadian Hyperline Cabling Systems company.


The manufacturer also provide up to 25 years warranty in case of two types of solutions. The equipment offered by the X-Arth Company.



X-Art is the exclusive distributor of Nexans and Hyperline in Armenia, offering extremely attractive prices for these products, as well as providing MCA's technical advice, monitoring, staff training and network certification.


The best guarantee for success is the right partners.
HP Hewlett-Packard
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Ajax Systems
APC by Schneider Electric
Ruckus Wireless
Building Group Jansen